er holiday, and I had been planning to lea

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er holiday, and I had been planning to lea Empty er holiday, and I had been planning to lea

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ay. Peter Svaar from Norway's broadcaster NRK was one of the first reporters at the scene of the Oslo bomb blast, and describes finding out that it was a former classmate who carried out the attacks.
It was my last day at work before the summer holiday, and I had been planning to leave the office early.
Plumes of black smoke rose from the trade ministry, and in the street there were several dead and injured.

Breivik was often well turned out
As we stood there, we heard news of shooting at the Labour Party summer camp at Utoeya. I first dismissed it as a rumour, but it was not.
At 10 o'clock that night I finally headed home, on foot, as all of central Oslo had by now been sealed off by the police.
Just a block away from my apartment there were shattered shop windows, and an eerie, ghostly silence.
Back home, I got a message from a friend.
"This is him," he said. "This is the guy. The guy they just arrested at the summer camp."
There was a link, to a Facebook page. Three to four pictures, clearly professionally taken, shot in a studio. Almost like a press kit.
They were pictures of a guy I


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