Maria Leopoldina of Austria

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Maria Leopoldina of Austria Empty Maria Leopoldina of Austria

Message  jukido le Dim 10 Juil - 23:40:25

Maria Leopoldina of Austria (Portuguese: Maria Leopoldina de Áustria; German: Maria Leopoldine von Österreich) (Maria Leopoldina Josefa Carolina[1]; 22 January 1797 – 11 December 1826) was archduchess of Austria, Empress consort of Brazil, and, for two months, simultaneously queen consort of Portugal.

She was born in Vienna, Austria, as archduchess of Austria. The daughter of Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor, and his second wife, Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies. Among her many siblings were Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria and Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma, the wife of Napoleon noni juice
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Maria Leopoldina of Austria Empty Re: Maria Leopoldina of Austria

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