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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii

The Super Mario franchise surprises me a lot. No matter how many times I may say that the character has been more overused then any sexist, racist or CoD joke that you here on Uncyclopedia, it still surprises me. Super Mario Galaxy 1 was an outstanding game and when I heard about the sequel at E3 2009 I literally jumped out of my seat. Now that’s it finally here, was it worth the wait? Well…………………

Not really

Yes It’s true, I believe this game does not deserve the kudos it’s getting right now. While there are some amazing aspects in the game I really must point out the flaws that I don’t think any other reviewer has pointed out before.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn’t actually start off straight after the first one. It begins on the day of the Star Festival, which the first game started on the first. So unless Mario is part Time Lord there’s no real reason to call this a sequel. Or Super Mario Galaxy 1 took the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 approach and just completed erased everything that happened. It just doesn’t work. So it’s the Star Festival again and it turns out Princess Peach wants Mario to come to her castle she baked a cake for him.
I think I’ve figured out why Mario has such a round figure. I bet it because every time he saves the Princess he receives a cake. Mario doesn’t save the Princess for her, nor the cake in that matter. I bet he goes on these adventure just to lose all the weight he just gained from the cake.
Well in this case it’s time to get out the treadmill of adventure as a rather gigantic Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach once again. I really don’t want to copy and paste the plot from any other Mario game but it has to be done. I’ll tell you now the final big dastardly plan Bowser had has absolutely nothing to do with the kidnapping of the Princess. So why does he do it? He could just carry out this plan right under Mario’s nose and have no problem doing it. It feels like Mario and Bowser are playing a big game of Capture the Flag and Princess Peach is the flag.

This is Starship Mario. Not to be confused with the Pizza Delivery Company opening in the future of the year 3000

Controls are the exact same as the last game, Control Stick to move, A to jump, B to fire star bits, Shake the Wiimote to Spin Attack. I really cannot stress how much the controls recycled this game is. Everything about it is pretty much stripped straight off of Super Mario Galaxy 1. The only difference to this game is the power ups.

New to the game are;
Cloud Mario: Mario gains the power to form a cloud Platform beneath his feet so it can help him reach other place unreachable as normal Mario. But I found you can pretty much cheat across half the level without even trying.
Rock Mario: Mario gains the ability to turn into a boulder and smash and crush things it the way. I’ll admit it’s quite good and it some cases it’s really effective.
Drill Mario: I hate to call it “Drill Mario” as Mario just holds a drill above his head. It’s like if he was called Koopa Shell Mario when he picks up a Koopa Shell. The power up itself is ok but it’s just ridiculous having such an item.
You still have the power ups from the last game like Bee Mario, Boo Mario, Fire Mario, Rainbow Mario and the god awful Spring Mario. But the biggest problems with all the power ups are you get to use them at maximum for 3 levels each power up. It’s ridiculously stupid and just a lazy way to fill up some levels.

Also with Super Mario Galaxy 2 (something new for a change) is Yoshi. Yoshi can be a big help in the game and he too comes with power ups. Quite short and limited power ups but still. His powers are;
Dash Yoshi: After consuming a Red Chilli Yoshi turns into Dash Yoshi. He can run at extreme speed that can run up walls.
Blimp Yoshi: After eating a Blue Berry Yoshi will transform into Blimp Yoshi which for a small period of time can float upwards to reach higher areas
Bulb Yoshi: After swallowing a Glowing pear like fruit Yoshi will evolve into Bulb Yoshi. Bulb Yoshi can reveal paths invisible at first glance.
Overall these power ups are good but it’s the exact same with the Mario power ups. Inventive but just too underused. I even counted how many times I got to use Yoshi. I got to 6. That’s 6 stages where you can use Yoshi.

Red Plumber standing by

Now the biggest factor I’ve heard from this game is that it’s a lot more challenging then the first game. And I have to admit it really is a good challenge. The stages are inventive, fun and some stars are really hard to get. I am pleased how Nintendo once again have pulled off another challenging game. Although I do have to say something about boss fights. Too. Damn. Easy. I mean seriously. None of the bosses are a challenge. They are all predictable, obvious and easy. The most challenging boss in the game was the last boss fight with Bowser Jr. and Bowser Jr. is a tool. Not even the final boss fight was hard. It is a huge disappointment that the most climatic parts of the game are the most easiest and weakest parts.

Mario does not like Irony

Settings are a miss in my opinion. I really did like the stages back in Super Mario Galaxy 1. They were inventive, imaginative and very different for a Mario game. The thing I don’t like about Super Mario Galaxy 2’s stages are simply, They ARE Super Mario Galaxy 1 stages. I know I said there was some recycled material in this game. But the stages point it out that it is a massive recycle. I have prove. In Super Mario Galaxy 1 there was the Freezeflame Galaxy, A planet half-volcanic, half-frozen. Then in Super Mario Galaxy 2 there is the ShiverBurn Galaxy, which is the exact same concept. I’m not saying the stages are completely ripped off from Super Mario Galaxy 1. In fact Nintendo have made it so it is more challenging then the first game. But it’s just the same concepts as the last game, all the magic has been flushed away. The feel, the atmosphere, the mood I get playing Super Mario Galaxy 1 isn’t here in this game. I felt cheated this game, like if I were a girl on Rock of Love and Bret Michaels rejected me.

Even the Soundtrack doesn’t improve that vastly from the last game. In this game the soundtrack is either slightly altered or not changed at all from the first game. It’s not good, you can’t just force feed more of the old atmosphere to us. We need something new.
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This has to be the hardest part to explain about this review. While it is a superb challenge it’s just ruined by everything else. The concepts barely change, the boss fights lack challenge, the power ups are too limited, Soundtrack barely changes and the story itself doesn’t work. I’m going to do something I haven’t done since my Sonic Unleashed review. I can not decide a score simply because I can’t decide if this is a good game or not. It’s challenging but lacks any form of atmosphere. So my friends you can decide. You’ll probably say 10/10 and say it’s better than Super Mario Galaxy 1.

My conclusion is this. If you want a more challenging game get Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you want a more atmospheric game get Super Mario Galaxy 1.


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