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Basically, Ruthin Castle in Nothen Wales is home to a "ghost" that just can't seem to find any peace. Perhaps because it was her being executed for murder or her not be buried in Holy Ground, who knows.She is guenerally seen walking the battlements at night, in the "great room" used for "period dress costume balls" but in her time used a chapel, and in the rose garden. I have stayed the as it is oppen to the public for business( sorry if that sounds like a commercial) but several eye witnesses have seen her and her grave is outsside the castle walls and still visible.In or about 1282, when iit was occupied by the armies of Edward I, the second in command decided to have an affair. The response to the insult was swift, the "Gray Lady" confronted the other woman and buried a battle axe in her skull. Quickly, she was charged with murder, found quilty, and hanged. Due to the nature of the crime and the execution, her body could not be buried on "sacred soil" and was buried outsside of the was, in unholly ground. Many witnessed have seen her walking about, all dressed in grap, from toe to toe and roaming the castle and grounds. I thought I saw her several times when I stayed at the castle but had no camera, as my business was to spend time in the village with a young llady I had met on my initial visit to the village.
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