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Appearance: Milky white human skulls that have had their eye sockets stitched closed and their teeth cemented together, they appear to be in pain though the lack of true facial features makes this more of a feeling than something to see in them. The inside is filled with a motley of explosive materials and chakra that grant it a basic sentience.
Special Abilities/Characteristics: The skulls are able to be attached to jutsu through spacial distortion similar to Kuchiyose, making them appear embedded into the area a Doton justu effects in the earth. Each set can be used for one jutsu and contacting the jutsu which is embedded with skulls causes the skulls to detonate into a 10ft radial explosion. Up to five such explosions can occur so long as the jutsu persists long enough, but only one skull can be activated per contact. Though named after landmines, the skulls are not stationary and move through where they are placed though they do not exceed the jutsu's limits, making it so that even timing or knowing their initial placement makes no difference in their detonation. The skulls are 3 inches below the ground but rise to the surface a split second before contact is made to allow surface detonation.
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