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Message  slavinzing56 le Mer 6 Juil - 12:38:39

The level I played found me fighting up a hill, only to run into a massive Helghast crawler firing missiles at everything that moves. As I worked my way toward the inevitable David vs. Goliath confrontation, I had a chance to familiarize myself with the controls in a few tight corridors populated with Helghast grunts. The aiming is relatively accurate, and if it gets hairy you can switch to auto-targeting by pushing the Navigation trigger. To reload the weapon, you simply twist the gun at an angle.

As you would expect, the transition from aiming at targets to choosing a direction to move can be tricky. As this PlayStation Blog entry explains, the game basically nullifies character movements when the reticle is in the aiming deadzone. To get your soldier out of the open and into cover, you need to swing your aim with an extreme gesture. Finding the sweet spot for this transition may be difficult, but developer Guerrilla Games is including customization options in Killzone 3 so you can fine-tune the responsiveness to your liking.
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