Heat Blisters on Feet

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Heat Blisters on Feet

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Small blisters, pouches or pockets of fluid developed on your skin are mostly caused by heat. Those heat blisters often develop on your feet due to plenty of reasons. You might not experience the pain initially, but after a day or two, the blisters grow in size, turn red with pus and debilitate you with pain. The pain and discomfort persist until it has healed completely. Heat blisters are usually filled with a clear liquid and you shouldn't confuse them with blood blisters. We shall explain you the main causes behind eruption of heat blisters on feet and the treatment options in the next sections.

How Would You Identify

Identifying a heat blister is easy. Unlike other kinds of boils and eruptions, heat blisters are covered by a fine layer within which the clear watery fluid is trapped. It bursts open naturally after two or three days and the pus comes out. The affected area will develop abrasions which will scratch and pain simultaneously. Heat blisters usually develop in between fingers, back of ankles and on the sole of your feet as these areas are more vulnerable to heat, infection and allergy.

Why do they Develop

From the name itself, we can assume that they develop when your feet is subjected to heat. You will mostly notice them behind your ankle after wearing a new pair of shoes. When you start using it, the outermost layer of your skin comes in contact with the insole of your shoe. Since the material is new, it will cause friction on your feet which generates heat. Gradually your skin is inflamed and blisters develop. Heat blisters are more rampant during the summer season. Why? It's because the perspiration rate of your feet increases during the summer. Excessive sweating enhances chances of feet infection. Fungal infection and bacterial growth are triggered which give rise to cluster of heat blisters on your feet. Wearing socks and compact shoes for a long period of time also leads to formation of heat blisters. These are some common reasons which cause eruption of water filled blisters on your feet.

If your job entails field work at construction sites or at mining locations, then you are more vulnerable to developing blisters on your feet. This is because, you are constantly exposed to the sun, which directly affects the temperature of your feet. In such a case, you have to take ample precaution to avoid such discomfort. We provide you the remedies over here.

Some Useful Remedies

The first thing you should do is, check the size of your shoe. If your shoes is too tight for your feet, then discontinue wearing it immediately. Instead, buy properly fitting shoes. If your feet perspires too much, then wear open shoes most of the time. Also change your socks and wear clean pieces everyday. Make an ice pack at home and take the cold compress at least twice a day. Wash your hands in soap water and clean the pus with cold water after it had burst out. You can also apply cold turmeric paste over the affected area. Do not keep the affected area open. Always wrap it with a bandage or apply Band-Aid over it. To remain on the safe side, visit a doctor and follow the treatment suggested by him. Your doctor might prescribe you antibiotic ointments, that would heal the infection fast.

Although heat blisters cause tremendous discomfort and restrict you from wearing your favorite pair of shoes, they are not something to worry on. With proper hygiene and care, you will notice that their frequency of appearance has considerably reduced. Follow the suggestions given by your doctor to get respite quickly.


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Re: Heat Blisters on Feet

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