and sought to adapt Lydia to Greek culture.

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and sought to adapt Lydia to Greek culture.

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Croesus expanded significantly the territory of the
Kingdom of Lydia; he brought under his authority the Greek
towns of Asia Minor (Ephesus, Miletus, and others) and
conquered almost all of the western part of Asia Minor up to
the Halys River. His wealth became proverbial, and many
legends were created about him. Croesus was a Hellenophile;
he sent generous gifts to Greek temples (Delphi and Ephesus)
and sought to adapt Lydia to Greek culture.
In a war with the Persian ruler Cyrus II
he was defeated at Pteria (Cappadocia);
the capital of Lydia, Sardis, was seized, and Croesus was
taken prisoner (546). According to one version (Herodotus
and the majority of ancient Greek historians), he was
sentenced to be burned to death but was pardoned by Cyrus;
according to another version (ancient Eastern cuneiform
sources), he was executed.Craigslist Verified Accounts
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