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Stuffy nose is quite a common condition with babies, specially in newborns and infants who are under 6 months. While it is not a subject to worry about, most parents have a difficult time dealing with stuffy nose in infants. Many a time, it disturbs normal feeding and sleeping, as they cannot breathe properly through their nose. So, what all can be done to help relieve stuffy nose in babies? You can follow effectual stuffy nose remedy to clear up infant's nasal mucus.

What Causes Stuffy Nose in Infants?

Stuffy nose in infants is partly because of normal mucus secretion. The condition of blocked nose (snuffles) is exaggerated as babies have very small nostrils, and they can't blow their nose to get rid of mucus. Thus, it requires some time to clear on its own. And as a baby exclusively breathes through nose, he/she tends to make noise or snort during breathing. But, nasal congestion in infants subside on its own within a few days, or within a week's period with simple stuffy nose remedy, and the baby starts breathing normally.

Needless to mention, infants are extremely prone to change in immediate environmental conditions. Hence, exposing them to slight wind, cold temperature or spending time outdoors for an extended period increase risk for causing stuffy nose in infants. Also, such factors trigger onset of common cold and allergic responses, which are responsible for increased production of mucus in the nasal passages. As long as the baby plays happily, feeds normally and sleeps at night, there is nothing special that you can do for stuffy nose cure in infants.

How to Treat Stuffy Nose in Infants?

In babies, stuffy nose usually remain for more than a week. But, you can follow natural stuffy nose remedies to clear off the nasal mucus quickly, and make your baby feel comfortable. Forget about regular nasal sprays and nasal decongestants, because they may cause unusual adverse effects to babies. In short, stuffy nose remedy is the base for treating blocked nose in babies. Listed below are some home remedies for stuffy nose in infants that really work without posing side effects.
The first thing that can be done to relieve stuffy nose in babies is switching on a cool-mist humidifier, preferably in the bedroom where babies spend most of their time. The cool water vapor aids in loosening nasal mucus and promote quick draining. Do not forget to clean vaporizer on a regular basis to avoid bacterial growth. Read more on how to clear a stuffy nose.
Another alternative to switching on a room humidifier is placing a bowl filled with warm water in the bedroom. This also increases the room humidity level to some extent, which in turn helps in moistening and loosening your baby's nasal mucus. Empty bowl, clean it and change fresh water everyday.
An effectual baby stuffy nose remedy is using saline drops that are available in pharmaceutical centers. These salt water solution dilutes nasal mucus, allowing easy drainage of mucus. But, you have to make sure that the concentration of saline water is appropriate for the baby, so is the application method.
Another tip for how to relieve stuffy nose in infants is removing nasal mucus with an appropriate device. You can purchase an infant aspirator (or nasal bulb) from a local pharmacy. Remove air from the bulb by squeezing, and carefully place its tip inside baby's nostril.
As you release the bulb, it draws in air and at time same time, pulls mucus out of the nasal passage. Squeeze the mucus out of the aspirator into a tissue paper. Repeat the same steps for the remaining side. This method is effective for treating stuffy nose in infants.
Other stuffy nose remedies for babies that you can follow are feeding warm water and elevating the baby's head slightly during sleep, which encourage quick draining of nasal mucus.
Thus, stuffy nose in infants can be dealt with simple baby care tips. The only thing is you should look out for remedial measures that will help your baby breathe easily. In case of difficulty in feeding, try to feed in small amounts at frequent intervals. Last but not the least, cuddle your baby and keep him/her warm at all times. If at all, stuffy nose remedy for infants does not help in relieving the discomfort condition, consult a pediatrician as soon as possible.

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